Storm Wolf Studios

Battle for Enkeon is truly a great concept. In fact, it cannot be defined by a single genre. The game is really different from Turn-Based shooter games. What are the different features in this game and how will it impact the game?

First of all, yes, you are very correct in your statement that Battle for Enkeon (BFE) cannot be defined by a single genre. This was an aim of ours when starting out, to take a turn based shooter but add some of the best features and aspects from across multiple genres – pushing the limits of what we think of as TBS games until now, as you say, it cannot really be defined purely as such.

There are many features in BFE, some of which you would find in any TBS, however others that are entirely unique. We currently have some FPS features, RPG elements, stealth mechanics, a destructible environment and an ambush/synchronized attack feature as well as a few more. All of these features will impact the game in a different way and have been added for a multitude of reasons. Some, we believe, make the game more immersive, others make for a more enjoyable experience whilst others simply make the game more challenging.

The game has turn-based RPG elements and FPS elements along with strategic base building. How will you compare it to other games?

As you have said in your question above, it is hard to categorize into one genre, therefore comparing BFE to other games is quite difficult. It often feels like because it is so entirely unique, we are traversing through unknown territory, however we can say that we hope that the main style (being at its core a TBS) will fall in line with games such as XCOM and Shadow Run - Boston Lockdown, but at the same time having its own distinct style, theme, and feel due to all of the features and functions incorporated from other genres.

We always ask developers about their inspirations behind their game ideas? What were your inspirations behind this game’s concept?

The inspiration for the game, we would say is definitely, the XCOM series, when we first started on the project XCOM 2 had not yet been released, in fact there was no news of one being released at all. Myself and the other co-founder really love strategic, military turn based games and the idea came around as we were playing Warframe, discussing many ideas and thoughts of how these games could be improved, what the next steps could be for this style of game, ideas to make it more immersive, providing players with more control over what happens, a great story, unique features etc.

We looked through many different genres/games such as; Mass Effect the Elder Scrolls series, Red Alert and Starcraft as well as many more.

At this point we decided that instead of just talking about how we WOULD push these boundaries, we would love to actually have a go at DOING it!

Therefore we can say that many games combined, provided us with the inspiration, Mass Effect, XCOM, Elder Scrolls, ShadowRun - Boston Lockdown, Warframe and many more have been very inspirational so far. Being avid gamers ourselves since childhood, truly our inspiration comes from all of those who have paved the way before us.

The game’s poster reminds us of some retro games. But the game’s other artworks and screenshots are very much different. How would you explain that? Was that intentionally done to invoke a sense of nostalgia?

This is an excellent question. Whilst nostalgia is amazing and there are always going to be old games that we look to (Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time being one) in order to take some spark from, to look at these revolutionary roots and ask what made them so great, unfortunately the honest answer to your question is less spectacular or thought out. The games artwork/posters do indeed have a very retro look, however this is simply due to the fact that at the beginning of our project we decided we were going to go super low poly, and make essentially a good game without a whole lot of graphic detail hence the 'Retro' look. Since then we recently decided to change all that, we received some feedback from one of our fans at the time, and they said they loved the idea, but the graphics didn't stand up to our games idea and concept, therefore we spent the largest part of 6 months - re working all of our graphics.

We added a lot more detail that was not in our concepts or posters, and pushed to AAA standards graphics wise, this is the reason, some of the concept and/or images look more retro than our actual in-game screen shots and renders. We are actually planning on changing this cover shortly to reflect the update.

Unreal Engine 4 is commonly used by professionals in AAA industry. But indie game developers are increasingly opting for UE4 over Unity, the most popular indie engine. Why is that in your opinion? Why was UE4 opted for development?

Obviously we can't speak for other companies or why they use unreal engine, and we can only put forward our personal opinions of why we decided to use it. At the time when we were looking for an engine to use we looked into a lot of different functions/features within the different engines. UE4 was the closest match in regards to how we wanted our lighting to look, as it utilizes the PBR work flow, that many other studios use, which in our opinion was much easier to implement and use within UE4.

UE4 also allows you to make use of its BP components, making programming easier, as we don't have to use hard core C++ unless necessary, of course where necessary C++ and c# has been used but their BP system helps speed things up.

Gamers can choose their way of playing the game. Gamers can either go in unnoticed or cause huge chaos. This freedom to gamers is very necessary. Will it affect the game in anyway?

Exactly, giving gamers freedom of choice is essential and makes for a more inclusive and exciting experience. You are correct in that the player can use stealth, or they can go in and create chaos, this will affect the game in numerous ways such as: XP gained, level difficulty and the time it takes to complete the mission. Some missions will be much easier if you don't alert anyone, but still doable if you do, whilst others will be much easier to charge straight in. The time factor is also crucial as we have certain missions which are time based. These missions will then go on to affect the story in different ways, the effect of which is that not only decisions made in the game will affect the story, but also the gameplay style of the player.

The game has a story mode. But will it also feature a coop mode and a PVP mode?

At present, we are focused on the story mode as a gripping story is also very important to us for player immersion and investment. At the same time we are shortly planning on going through a crowdfunding option to provide more resources for the studio.

Story mode, co-op and PVP are all very likely modes that will be included in the final product, but funding is a big factor dictating which features we can invest in.

Which platforms will it be deployed to? We hope and want a Linux and Mac version along with PC versions. Can we confirm the console versions?

Our current plans for BFE include Linux, mac and PC release, however in regards to consoles, this is a line we are unsure of. If the game proves to be popular enough and we have the funding to publish to a console platform, I do not see why we wouldn't release a console version for PS4 & Xbox ONE.

When can we expect a fully developed version? Will there be beta versions to keep the excitement active?

Our plans at present are to release beta versions in approx. 6-8 months’ time, and from there, shortly after, release the entire game on/through the steam platform - making it available for our fans to purchase.

So definitely expect it this year, and with enough funding we hope for early access and live beta testing!