TouchTimes Studio

an indie collectible card game with a rich lore and has RPG-type levelling system. The world is taken over by devils, and your heroes are stranded in a magical forest. What will you do?

Indie TCGs are nothing new on steam, but not Devil’s Deck. Devil's Deck is an indie collectible card game with RPG elements. The game features a rich lore and has RPG-type levelling system. The leaderboards add an additional element of competition and multiplayer functionality. The developers also notified us that the game will also have a PvP multiplayer in the future updates. The leaderboards coupled with achievements system add a layer of depth into gameplay.

The game starts off with an intro sequence showing off the lore. Following that, the player is presented with a choice to pick between three champions: Bronze Shaman, Conch Sea Witch and Ragefire Mage. The three champions have their unique sets of skills, decks and powers. For instance, picking Bronze Shaman gives your minions +1 attack and heal them for 6 HP. After your selection, you are introduced to the game world. The hero can now explore the forest taking one step in any of the six directions. Each step costs you one day and you encounter an enemy each 5 days. Each step also awards you with different powerups. Life shrines, blacksmiths, chests, HP increases are among few of the powerups included. Most of the time, you can choose between five powerups or go for a random one. Each step also uncovers six other powerups/steps. So, tactical positioning plays an important role during the fights as all these powerups add up in the real fight.

The card fight is what you usually expect it to be. Each player draws from a deck and each card costs mana. There are four card types: Minions, Artefacts, Spells and Curse Cards. As you expected, Minions are the usual creature cards. Artefacts give extra boosts to the creature. Spell cards attack the Devil’s minions and Curse cards have an effect on both enemies and the player. Playing Devil's Deck is an absolute delight. The soundtrack justifies the whole setting of the game to another level. But, we did come across some issues. The developers, being Chinese, have definitely made an impact. It is very clearly apparent from the leaderboards. The localization issues also extend to some typos and writing, but on the whole, these mistakes went more or less unnoticed during our playthrough.


This CCG RPG is fun, interactive and a refreshing experience in the over-saturated TCG market on Steam. Don't hesitate, head on to Steam right now and kick some devil butts.