BlackHive Media

1. Kova is an RPG game set in distant future where humankind has colonized planets across galaxies. What more can you tell us about the game's concept?

Kova is a 2D side-scrolling, sci-fi, action RPG in the vein of Metroid. It follows the theory of the Fermi Paradox of why humans might be alone in the Universe. You play as Kova, a mercenary-for-hire, in a semi-open world with beautiful landscapes, talking with different characters and working with three different factions each with their own perks and secrets. As you traverse through different planets, you come across mysterious beacons that unravel the story of Kova's history, the politics of the galaxy in this distant future and the question of why we are alone.

2. I believe Kova is an indirect sequel to your previous game Chibi Chaingun (am I right? Or is it a direct sequel). But it has a different art style from Kova. I personally like Kova's art style. What inspired this switch?

Kova is loosely a spiritual successor to Chibi Chaingun. We took the original idea, matured it, gave it a grander story line and developed it into a game that we know we would love to play. Outside of that, there is no connection.

3. The game targets all major consoles and PC. But Chibi Chaingun is an iOS game. Can the fans expect the sequel? Will there be Android and Windows Phone versions?

Actually we are releasing an iOS and Android title that is within the same universe as Kova this spring, but it is not related to Chibi Chaingun. Who knows, maybe in the future we'll bring that series back or even put an Easter egg in Kova about it!

4. Unity3D powers most indie games. What are your personal reasons for choosing Unity?

We previously used a cross-platform engine called Cocos2d-x, but its platform support was limited to mostly desktop and mobile as well as its lack of an Editor or GUI that our artists could work in. Unity and Unreal are both really great engines, but at the time that we were comparing engines, Unity was a more affordable engine for us as a small studio. We were able to quickly adapt to it and since then it has been an incredible tool that has taken our games to a new level.

5. The particle effects are just amazing. How does this influence the game's overall beauty?

Having the ability to tap into various particle effects, lighting and shaders has brought more depth to our 2D games. These elements allow us to nudge players into certain actions and bring even more life to Kova and Faction Wars.

6. Can you describe the game briefly?

The core of Kova is centered on it being semi-open world where players can interact with other characters to progress through the game. As you interact with these characters and traverse through the worlds, you will learn more about each faction, take on quests and missions, and explore Kova's complex past.

7. Any advice for new indie developers?

While game development is an incredibly fun career, it is also very demanding and competitive so be ready to work hard. If you aren't prepared to live and breathe it (with sleep being secondary to everything else), then find another career. If you aren't sure which career path to take and you just know that you want to be in games, then go to meetups and game conventions. Talk to the developers behind the games and all the different people on the team. They will love to talk to you (so don't be shy) and they can give you a lot of insight to help your decision.