Not many indies have the courage to write their own engine, what's your take on that?
I'm mainly a programmer so learning to make an engine was something that seemed very interesting to me as a project which is why I decided to make my own rather than use one of the existing engines out there. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone that wants to make a game quickly as it requires a lot of time to do research.

Maids and Demons seem to inspired from JRPGs and anime. Why is that?
As a fan of Japanese games and animation, this kind of art style appealed to me and that's why I went with this direction.

The pixelated graphics seems to be very popular with indies now. Is it the ease of use or the nostalgia from retro games that rules this popularity?
I think it's a mix of both, lower resolution pixel art can be easier to do than large hand drawn art but nostalgia is also something that brings people to try this style. It's a very appealing style that can hold up well many years later when done right.

Can you give a brief idea of the game, without spoilers of course!
Maids & Demons is a fast paced 2D action game where you play the role of a combat maid and fight off waves of enemies that will try to get in your way. There's multiple game modes including a story mode

What was the main inspiration behind the game idea?
I like action oriented games a lot so I wanted to try making something like a 2D beat em' up. I thought maids were not often used as main characters in media so that's why I went with this theme.

Which platforms do you intend to deploy it to?
As the engine uses DirectX9 it will be for PC/Windows only at release. If possible I'd like to port it to other platforms in the future.

How do you expect the game sales to go? Will it be a free to play?
We're planning to sell this game digitally on platforms like and Steam so hopefully the game does well and we can keep making more. The price is to be determined.

What is your advice for new indies?
When starting out keep things simple and try not to make projects with a scope too large to handle. Use the existing engines out there to make development and ports easier. Prototype a lot to find something that's fun. Finally try to make something you want to play.
What were the main problems you had to overcome during game dev?
Most of the problems I had during the development were art related since I didn't have the skills required when I started out. As a result the development was very slow while I tried to improve my art and animation skills.