MiniPlay Inc.

Creating your own 3D World must be really thrilling. At the same time, it reminds us of one of the biggest indie hits in the world- Minecraft. Was Minecraft an inspiration for MiniWorld? How different will this be from other games of this genre?

Obviously, Minecraft is an all-time great game and influences the sandbox game genre. We were inspired by some other successful sandbox games too, like Garry’s mod, Dwarf fortress, Survival Craft, Terraria etc... We hope <Mini World> to inherit the quintessence (Inclusiveness, Freedom and Openness) of sandbox games.

Indie developers usually opt for a third-party engine. But MiniWorld runs on a custom engine. How difficult was writing up your own engine? What benefits will this provide to the game?

It’s a long story, we have spent years to develop it and lucky enough, so far so good. The Mini Voxel 3D engine, which is based on C++, makes the game’s performance settings and extensive functions more flexible to develop. Gamers can easily create their original work pieces. We hope to bring more fun to the game.

What is the game's main concept? Can you tell us more about its multiplayer design?

The main concept of Mini World aims to be a sandbox game creation platform and empowers each gamer to become a creator and share it with the whole world. The gamer does not have to worry about complex graphics modelling or scripting. All you need is a smartphone and lots of creativity!

The Multiplayer System is at the core of this game! You can invite your friends to your world anytime and from anywhere on the globe. It also lets you find other people’s creations and have fun in their worlds.

When will the game come out? Can we expect a beta phase?

Mini World is a cross-platform game which is about to launch in both Google play store and Apple store. PC version will be soon released.

How will you describe your game briefly?

Mini World is a sandbox game creation platform. It’s more than just a game. You can explore others creative works or just share yours and have lots of fun together!

The background story is very funny. A group of archaeological team travels back in time to a primitive society and meets the original people, a lot of interesting things happen while they get along with each other. Our custom mode is pretty cool indeed, each gamer can edit game monsters and items, add your creative game mode then mix them with a unique map and share it to the Gallery so that others can play it easily! All these and more at FREE of cost.