A truly marvelous addition to the franchise and a big step for both Nekki and Shadow Fight series.

1. All Nekki games are so popular among mobile gamers these days that even PC/console gamers enjoy playing the game. The first thing they see upon launching the game is the fabulous intro cutscene. I felt a chill up my spine while watching Shadow Fight 3 intro. I love Shadow Fight 2’s and Vector’s intros too. You don’t see intros like this on mobile games. How did you come up with something like this?

As simple as that: there is almost none cinematic intros in mobile games, but we had both ambitions and resources to produce these cutscenes. Shadow Fight 3 intro was a trial by fire for our in-house animation technology and processes as well, because a lot of its scenes were animated using our own animation engine called Cascadeur. These videos allowed us to stand out and promote our game, to learn a lot about video production, and to develop Cascadeur at the same time.

2. The stories in Nekki games are so popular that gamers can’t resist posting it all over the internet. There are not many story-based games on mobile. But every Nekki game has immersive storytelling and stunning graphics. The same is seen in Shadow Fight 3. How has it influenced the game?

Most of the time, storytelling affects only the visual style of the game. Story creation process looks like this for us: first of all, game designers create some boundaries for the narrative. These limitations are based solely on gameplay needs. Then our narrative team decides how to put a story around that, what type of content will be used etc. It's a tricky process, and new chapters of the story are born as a result of many hours of discussions between our narrative team and artists. But sometimes story affects gameplay mechanics as well: for example, at the end of Chapter 3 all players are forced to make a hard story choice, which will affect their further progress.

3. Why was Facebook chosen as a platform for the first game?

Shadow Fight was a social game, not only a Facebook game, so it was released on several social platforms as well. It was developed during the period of social games reign, so Facebook was a no-brainer: this was the network with the largest user base after all.

4. Vector 2 is one of the most popular games in the market right now. A sequel to the game is one of the most awaited games at the moment. Is Vector 3 in the works? Can we get an official confirmation?

We always make official confirmations and statements on our social networks when we think it’s time. This is the only place where all our news are being posted, including game announcements. Stay tuned for more updates!

5. Nekki games appeal to both mobile as well as console/PC gamers. Most of the time, the console/PC gamers look down on mobile games. But Nekki has got a great reputation amongst gamers of all platforms. One of the biggest reasons is that inspirations from other games are clearly visible while adding its own style and concept. Inspirations from EA’s Mirror’s Edge are clearly seen in Vector games. The new Shadow Fight looks and feels kinda similar to Mortal Kombat as well as Street Fighter and other generic arcade fighters. How do you respond to such observations?

Nowadays we all exist in the gaming medium and all of our developers play games a lot. Of course there is a lot of influence coming from other projects - and it’s perfectly fine, because many great ideas are born this way. However - and I think this will come as a surprise for you - inspiration for Shadow Fight 3 was drawn from a lot of sources (for example, item power is based on balance model originated from Destiny). And of course, Shadow Fight 2 stays our major influence - in terms of fighting gameplay it’s our main reference.

6. The switch from the heavily stylized 2D art style to 3D realistic graphics has been debated over since release. Many fans seem to like it while a few feel that the old style “defined” the game. What inspired the switch? How do you respond to fans’ opinions?

We always answered that question with a statement that times are changing and we need to move on. Our team wanted to work with complex 3D art, develop our own visual style, and improve our expertise in 3D graphics and rendering. They say technical limitations make people invent great things, and this was a case with Vector and Shadow Fight 1 & 2 -- their visual styles are born from graphic limitations. But nowadays smartphones have enough performance to work with realistic 3D, including reflections, lighting, physics - so why not?

7. All gameplay elements from the last game have been retained in SF3. This gives gamers a familiar feeling although the game has been completely reworked to the core. Do you agree?

Actually we've rebuilt the game completely from scratch, trying to rethink everything. Our team expanded greatly for the needs of SF3 development, and a lot of new ideas came to be. But during prototyping and development of the game we often came to similar conclusions and decisions we've made during development of Shadow Fight 2 - sometimes through a lot of iterations and disputes.

8. The GUI really caught my attention. SF2 had a kung fu styled GUI. SF3 has more modern approach to UI. The switch from 2D to 3D is visible in even the UI elements. Do you feel the same?

Today we have flat GUI and material design everywhere around us. In games it helps greatly with readability and clarity of the interfaces. At first, we thought about sticking to the old "Kung-Fu styled" GUI, but then realized that smooth modern interfaces complements our “sci-fi” setting much better.

9. There is a heavy focus on character customization. For all our indie game developers, can you explain how this can affect the game?

Well, our slogan is "Your fight. Your style". General idea beneath Shadow Fight 3 was a wide variety of player customization options, from weapon styles to the character creation screen. Customization works for that, however it may ruin immersion in some cases. Just imagine a plot-centered game, like Hellblade or The Witcher, with fully customizable characters! These games are built around character traits and appearance. But Shadow Fight 3 is a fighting game first of all, and we thought that character customization will lead to more emotional attachment with your fighter, and also should provide visual variety in multiplayer modes like Duels.