Proletariat Inc.

1. Streamline is really fun and fast-paced. The game is really fun with hunters eliminating runners, and runners earning points while viewers change the rules of the game! What was the main inspiration behind the game’s concept?
The inspiration behind Streamline’s concept is rooted in our love of live streaming. As a studio, we’ve been live streaming on Twitch for the past four years ( ). We loved creating and watching live streaming content, but felt there was room to enhance the experience by making it more interactive and engaging for the viewers. We began by playing around with the idea of simple yet fun games (e.g., tag), added elements to amp up the competitive factor (like point collection and the Hunter/Runner dynamic), and focused on providing the viewers various ways to impact the game—and that’s how Streamline was born!

2. The game has been released for about one and half years now. How has the response been so far?
The response from streamers and players has been great! When people see Streamline for the first time, a typical response is usually along the lines of “I can play this game with my favorite broadcaster and chat is also involved? COOL!” That feels great but we want to make sure that Streamline has more than just the novelty factor going for it, so we work closely with some amazing streamers and their communities—as well as our own incredible community—to solicit feedback about the game. Their thoughts and suggestions have helped us shape Streamline from a cool concept into a game that broadcasters truly want to play with their followers!

3. Even the viewers can change how the people are playing the game. That is a great new concept. How is this implemented in the game?
When we first started working on Streamline, we wanted the viewers to have the option to vote for different game rules that changed the state of the game for the players—effects like low gravity, double speed, the floor turns to lava, and so on. We originally implemented this by allowing players to type the option they wanted to see in-game in the chat, but this ruined Twitch chat’s essential function—no one can hold a conversation if everyone is spamming up the chat with their votes! We created Streamote ( as a solution; it’s a dashboard interface that allows viewers to not only watch and chat on Twitch, but also interact with the game by voting for and purchasing game rules, betting on players (with fake, channel-specific currency), and competing against one another in mini games like bingo. Broadcasters can also manage their party from the Streamote dashboard. Streamote essentially allowed us to streamline (no pun intended) the viewing experience.

4. The game runs on Unreal Engine 4, the AAA favorite. Why was this chosen against other indie favorites like Unity3D? Has Unreal Engine’s capabilities affected the game?
Our first game, World Zombination, was developed in Unity and while we really enjoyed developing in that engine, we decided to switch to Unreal Engine 4 for Streamline because it had different graphic and animation capabilities that felt like a better fit for the style of game we wanted to create. Unreal Engine’s capabilities have especially allowed us to craft the kind of high-detail environments that our art team does so well!

5. The game looks really good with the cartoony-styled graphics. It reminds me of Team Fortress 2. Why was this style of graphics chosen? Unreal Engine 4 is known for the life-like graphics but still many indie games choose cartoon-style graphics in UE4. Why is that?
While we can’t speak to why other indie developers may choose certain art styles for their games, our main art inspiration is always the story behind the game itself. At its core, our Art Director envisioned Streamline’s world as a bright, colorful, dystopian near-future. The visuals are a blend of reality, and virtual reality rendered with a simplified, playful punk aesthetic. Notable influences were films like The Warriors, Fifth Element, Akira, Hackers, Brazil, Tron, Total Recall, and games like Jet Set Radio, Sunset Overdrive, and Mirror’s Edge.

6. The game is still in Early-Access in steam. So, can we expect any major game-changing updates? What are your next plans for the game?
We can’t say much about our plans for the next update yet, but stay tuned! ;)

7. Any advice to new indie developers?
Don’t discount the importance of live streaming! According to Twitch, there were 292 BILLION minutes of content watched last year on Twitch alone. Whether or not your game includes any sort of stream integration, you should still be live streaming as a studio because it will give you a platform to build your brand voice, grow and connect with your community on a deeper level, and develop relationships with influencers and communities that may be passionate about your work.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced, arena style multiplayer game to play with your friends, then check out Streamline on Steam Early Access! Want to know more about our studio? We focus on crafting fun and engaging game experiences with deep live streaming integration! Check us out on Twitch (/proletariat_inc) Twitter (@playstreamline, @proletariat_inc), Facebook (/proletariatgames, /playstreamline) and Discord (