Hamba Studios

Tumble Ranger looks really colorful. Moreover the character designs are so cute. What is the concept of this game?

Tumble Ranger is an arcade evasion game, where you have to fly as high as possible while avoiding and destroying enemies and obstacles that will kill you along with freeing some cute rangers in your journey. It also challenges your reflexes and tests your ability to take decision quickly. Though it's an action game, we designed it such that individuals of different age and demographic can enjoy the game. And aren't "Color" and "Cute" what we all love?

The game has incredibly beautiful levels. The game mechanic reminded me of flappy bird. What makes Tumble Ranger different from other games?

Thanks for the complement. Beautiful graphics with amazing character and level design sets it apart from the other games of its genre. The ability of controlling the tumbling of cute characters and mixing different gameplay styles make it quite unique.

The game is aimed at the casual gamers and looks really addictive! Why did you choose to develop such a casual game?

This is what we have been doing for the past one year. We believe it will turn out well for us. So we dived into developing casual games. It has relatively less production time if you maintain a certain quality. But there exists a challenge to make the game addictive to targeted audience.

Is iOS the only platform Tumble Ranger will run on? Will Android be an option? How do you think it will affect the game sales?

We are just comfortable to develop in iOS. However, we are also planning to release it in Google Play but not so soon. From our past experience, we have benefitted most from iOS. So we will definitely push for that platform rather than focusing on both.

Tumble Ranger utilizes BuildBox engine? Why was it chosen against the indie favorites like Unity and Construct 2? And to what extend does the “no coding required” promise from BuildBox is a reality?

Well, you saw Tumble Ranger coming to life with Buildbox! So it's true. You have to do some work around with Buildbox but it's really time-saving.

What are your next plans for the game and the studio?

We are working on multiple games right now. Every game we develop turns out to be better than the previous ones. So we are really hopeful. We are expanding our resources and have plan to release another 3-4 games this year!