TunnelS of despair


Indies usually prefer Unity. What is your inspiration to use UE4 over unity?
We had zero experience with both Unreal and Unity and after initial testing we figured out that unreal interface and SDK were more comfortable for us to use. We felt Unity SDK were a bit counter intuitive.

Your logo has a pixelated style. But the game looks really modern. Why is that?
Our logo came from the first game developing approach we tried, not on the UE. This project was not really promising and was ditched when we switched to UE, but the logo lived.

Tunnel of despair has AAA looks and feel. It must have been really difficult for a team of two to undertake a huge challenge like that! What's your take on the matter?
Well our game feels like the big game, it has the graphics, the level design, but you need to take in consideration that this is our first game. Our approach was to make a game that is worth our own expectation. We are really thriving to make this project work and look good, without overcomplicating it too much. I mean... you can make a great AAA looking game, and you are not necessary need it to be huge and super complex like AAA titles. There are a lot of examples how to make a cool and good looking indie games out there and we are trying to follow the lead.

Which platforms will the game be deployed to? Hope it comes to PC, Mac and Linux along with consoles!
We are planning release on Windows PC and Linux at the start. As for the Mac, we are planning this, but it is too early to judge if we are able to do this. For the consoles we are not sure, since we have no publisher. We will try to test the ground there.

Can you give a brief overview of the game? The design, mechanics and gameplay?

Our game is a survival horror one. The player’s goal is to survive in the dungeons of subway during several in-game days and to search for items which will help him do that and find the exit. Some inhabitants of the dungeons won’t be glad to see the player and will stand up against him.

What is your advice for new indie developers and when will the game come out? Can we expect a beta access to players?

It’s hard to call us “indie-developers” as we haven’t finished any projects yet. But my advice is to start with budget planning and writing a detailed design document. The game must be the short one and take just several months of development time. We had a contrary experience as it was a very difficult path and we wanted to throw everything up for many times.The game must be released in 2017 and it’s hard to announce more definite release date as we have postponed it for a number of times already. It’s likely won’t be any beta access and we’ll try to release the final version of the game.

How do you expect your game to perform?

We don’t have any great expectations about the game’s release, it’s a great experience for us above all. To finish development finally and to show the game to the people will be a good result already